My Story

This is my blog where I document the pursuit to find my happily ever after.

My Love
My love and I met on one very rainy London day in April after 2 years of talking online. He is Romanian living in Italy, I am Canadian living in Toronto. Why London? It was the best half-way point we could think of, as meeting in the middle of the Atlantic was out of the question. Almost exactly one year later, we were married in cloudy Glasgow, Scotland. He was in a kilt, I was in a white dress, and it was just perfect. After being separated for months afterwards, I flew to my love to live in Romania then back to Italy.

My Baby
Almost exactly one year after our wedding, baby Abrianna Isabelle was born to us in Brescia, Italy on her due date. She was the most perfect bundle we had ever seen. Born with a head of hair and perfectly round cheeks, she was the apple of her daddy's eye. She was one of the best decisions we ever made.

My Life
Almost exactly one year after baby was born, we were once again separated. Baby and I have come back to Canada and Daddy is sailing the world until he is free to come home to us. Although this was a very difficult decision to make and to live, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Our love began in the UK, it travelled with us to Romania and Italy and it will hopefully settle with us one day in Canada.

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