August 21, 2011

Important differences between llamas and alpacas

Completely random and utterly ridiculous post, but I've come into contact with quite a lot of llamas and alpacas lately.  May I begin by saying how much I love these animals.  They're so cute and friendly and full of character.  I would love to own one someday.  I don't quite know what I would DO with a llama or alpaca, but I want one nonetheless.  So, I wanted to share my new found knowledge by explaining the differences between the two.  Here are two pictures that I took recently...


The main differences (just in case you're in an emergency where you need to differentiate between the two) is an alpaca is shorter, has smaller ears, and softer fur.  Their similarities are that they both have 3 stomachs, live for up to 29 years and call to their young by humming.  They also spit at each other to signal displeasure....which I think is awesome.  The two could also be interbred.  Neat, huh?

And now for something even more ridiculous than this post...llamas with hats...


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