October 2, 2011


I love to scrounge.  I love digging around shops for things that nobody else has.  I know so many people who hate that (like my friend who refuses to enter H&M because she can't bring herself to actually search for her size amongst the piles or clothing). That's probably why I love Etsy and handmade so much.  I can search and search all day if you let me. I don't want things that everyone else has.  I'll dig to the bottom of piles and reach to the highest of shelves to get what I'm looking for.

My sister and I visited the Queensville Antique Mall yesterday to have a scrounge.  It is one of the biggest places I've ever been for vintage and antique stuffs.  I had been there once before with my Nana, where she spent the entire time commenting how "she owned one of those" or "she could have sold her collection of that".  I love their slogan: "If you want it, we can find it, if we can't find it, you don't want it!".  I'm always on the hunt for milk glass, an obsession I have, and there were plenty of pieces there.

So, if you're in the North Toronto area and have a spare hour or two, check out the Queensville Antique Mall.  It's the perfect day trip for the hoarder and scrounger in you.


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