June 26, 2011

Franklin the Turtle!

It was a very rainy Saturday yesterday, so thankfully we had an indoor event to take part in - Franklin the Turtle at Chapters!  I knew I was asking for trouble when I dragged Abri out BEFORE her nap.  She didn't take much notice of the story-time or Franklin himself, but she DID take notice of the train play set and abundance of books to get her hands on.

This is one thing that will keep my little one quiet for more than 5 minutes.  Books.  Sometimes when she's playing in her room, it can become quiet very quickly.  This means one of two things: a) she's doing something that she shouldn't be, like opening up the air ducts and throwing small objects down them or b) she's reading a book!  I'll peak in to see her with her chubby little hands, ever-so-gently turning the pages of her little board books.

Do you see why the world needs bookstores?  To keep mothers like me sane!


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