June 24, 2011

Pinterest Pick #3: Vowing to Read the Printed Word

A little while ago while sitting with my sister, she looked at my side table and said, "What are you DOING with all of those books?", to which I repled, "Reading them...?"  See the above image from Pinterest?  That, my friends, is my dream.  It's always been my fantasy to have a library with books as far as the eye can see.  Maybe I'll read some of them, maybe I won't, or maybe I'll forget that I've read them and I'll read them all over again.  This is my heaven.

When I was a student living in Glasgow, there was one place we would always meet - Borders Bookstore in the city centre.  When the store closed in 2009 (whether it was due to the economy or invention of eBooks - or both), it was the end of an era.  When reading about the closure, I came across this comment which summed it up pretty well:

"I'm well aware that in just a few weeks my review will have the CLOSED tag attached to it, but I feel it's time for me to give a poignant last hurrah to what is the best shop in Glasgow, whose demise will leave a gaping hole in the city centre."

In this age of Kindles and iPads, where books are simply a dusty fixture on most coffee tables, this beloved pastime is fading away and leaving a hole in our past.  Yes, I vow to buy, borrow, and read the printed word to keep my dream of owning my never ending library alive (in all it's dusty glory).  Books are such an important part of who we were and who we are as a society.  The pleasure most people get from opening a brand new book, creasing it's perfect pages, smelling that gorgeous paper, and immersing yourself in a good read for hours...there really isn't anything quite like it.

If you vow to read the printed word, let me know below!  And if you have a blog, take the pledge.


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