June 23, 2011

Shiny Things

I wanted to show you a couple of shiny new things that I have.  First, my new haircut.  I'm very particular about how my hair is cut.  I know how my hair is, from my annoying cow-lick on my right side to my flat lifeless bangs that seem to grow at ultrasonic speeds.  Yes, to all those hairdressers out there, I'm the annoying customer who won't leave until I get what I want.  I'm not one to sit back and say "hmmm, yes, I like it", only to go home and wash, cut and restyle the heck out of my new 'do.  Why pay for something that you don't like?  If you went to get your teeth whitened and they only did half your mouth, would you be happy to go home and scrub your pearlies with baking soda until the cows come home?  Nope!  So why let someone ruin your hair, which is the most prominent thing on your body??

My second new thing - a new Nikon COOLPIX L120 which I bought myself for my birthday.  Let me just say, I've been REALLYREALLYREALLY wanting a new camera for a very long time.  Oh, the guilt when I bought it!  I mean, it's not an expensive DSLR camera, but it's still more than I should be spending right now.  I do really love it, though.  The video it takes is amazing and it's super easy to use while maintaining all the options.  How I justified my purchase - I want to be able to capture every moment, every step, every crazy shenanigan that Bubba throws my way.  Plus, I forgot my charger in Italy for my old digital camera.  Yep.  Keep in mind if or when you buy a new camera, make sure it takes AA batteries.  It's so much easier that way.  


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