August 29, 2011

Badass Bachelorette

For Miss Anita Cane, I knew that the normal bachelorette party just wouldn't do.  I'm not fond of making the bride look like a twit, adorning her with penis shaped objects, ugly boas and the like.  She's too fabulously glam for that.  So, we decided to have a civilized night out - avec booze and games.
The beautiful Miss Cane
I asked Anita the week before "what do YOU want to do for your night out?" to which she replied "I want a penis shaped cake and watch you eat it slowly."  She asked, I delivered.  Behold, the penis cake which I slaved over for a whole 45 minutes!

Next up, the badass bachelorette survival kit, which was custom made for the evening.  It had everything we needed and things we might have needed if things got out of hand.  You can download the list of items here.  Then to spice up the evening, a scavenger hunt for the bride-to-be to collect before the evening was through.  Our favorite - "put lipstick on your teeth and strike up a conversation with a cute guy".  But oh lordy, did Miss Cane go to town!  Forget a little smudge, she basically looked like she had lipstick for dinner! And you can also download that list here.

Anywhoo, I won't bore you (or frighten you) with any more details than that.  Just let it be known that it was a bachelorette that no one will forget.  Now bring on the wedding!


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