August 31, 2011

Come Back to Me

One of my greatest time-fillers online is browsing through Tumblr, which is really funny considering I don't even have an account.  Why don't I have an account?  There comes a time when a n3rd like me has to say "I have enough online accounts and I'm sick of doing password recoveries".  So I browse and pin.

My all time favourite tumblr blog is ComeBackToMe.  So romantic.  So sad.  So inspiring.  The music, if I listen to it long enough, makes me ball my eyes out, longing for my love.  It's ridiculous.  But I think that we have to be a little ridiculous sometimes because it reminds us of reality and who we really are.  Unfortunately we can't live in the movies or solely through our blogs.

This image from ComeBackToMe is now displayed on my desktop.  It reminds me of my love and that everything we're doing to be together isn't in vain.  One day, my love will come back to me...


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