June 10, 2011


Who, me?

CHILD FOR SALE:  One child, approximately 1 year old, likes bananas and puppies, hates computers and may rip keys off computer keyboards.  PICKUP ONLY.

Seriously, can the terrible 2's start this early?  Or maybe I just have a short fuse lately.  Is it bad when your child gives you hockey puck sized bruises (that's a good Canadian comparison!) and destroys your brand new laptop in one fowl swoop?  Because, to me, those are good reasons to pull my hair out.  Actually, now that I'm on the subject of hair...why is my hair falling out so much?  I know that it's normal to lose 100 strands a day, but mine seems to be more than that.  Is it the beautifully clean and clear water of Canada instead of the chloridized sludge from Italy that is doing it?  Could it be the incredible stress levels of coming home to Canada, being apart from my beloved, and training full-time for a new job all at the same time?  Hmmm...it probably is just the child.  Mummy needs a break.

UPDATE:  After writing this post only a few short hours ago, Abri managed to throw her shoe out the back of the bike trailer (it's now gone forever) and pry a part of the deck up and chew on it (while I was taking a sip of my drink - yes, that's how fast).


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