June 13, 2011

Pinterest Pick #2: Wisdomness

I have a whole lot of Pinterest boards now.  It started with the generic "Products I love" "Places I want to go", but soon morphed into things I actually wanted to remember.  I now have 14 boards with over 1,000 pins (and still counting!).  

One of my boards is called Wisdomness (yeah, that's not even a word - but they all end in -ness).  I know it's a bit cheesy, but I really like to collect inspirational quotes.  You know the ones; they make you go "ahaa" or "yes, that's totally true" or you're sure that someone somewhere has seen into your soul at that exact moment and passed this illuminating fact specifically along to you.  

My beloved and I are going through an extremely difficult time.  This is his first contract on board the ship, and he'll be away from us for 4 months at a time or more.  There are so many emotions involved with this situation from sadness to loneliness to acceptance.   Sometimes it gets the better of me and I tend to nit-pick everything that we're trying to do.  The thing I love the most about my husband - his undying love and patience for me.  He knows that when I'm upset, there really is something else going on (which is a trait that many men don't have). He doesn't give in, get upset, or walk out the door.  He stands his ground, nods, and gives me the affection that I need at the right time.

When I saw the above quote, it made me think of my beloved, because when I least deserve it, he always loves me when I need it.  


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