June 4, 2011

Pinterest Pick #1: Cinque Terre

There's no denying that I love to travel.  Anyone who knows me will tell you just this. Well, actually, I hate the ACT of travelling, but I like to visit fabulous places around the world.  I probably haven't even seen 1/10th of the earth (or 1/10th of what I would actually like to see).  I would especially love to see more of Italy as there are so many amazing nooks and crannies to discover.

My Pinterest Pick for today is this gorgeous picture of Cinque Terre in Italy.  Cinque Terre means "Five Lands" because the region is made up of 5 different coastal towns.  I never made it to Cinque Terre when I lived in Brescia, but I would love to one day.  I think that I'm gravitating towards this picture because a) I am slightly missing Italy and b) I miss my beloved who is sailing around these shores as I type.

Mi manchi, amore mio.


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